As I wait in my Dad’s office at work, trying to keep myself busy by sorting the large stack of dollar bills on his desk by random things like, year printed, serial number, treasurer name, etc. I notice something, Most of the treasurer’s signatures are from women, or at least people who have names traditionally assigned to females. And out of these signatures most of them from women who have Latino names. So I did some “research” (aka googling and then reading a wikipedia article on the matter).

Since 1953 until present day there have been only female appointed treasurers. Of those fifteen treasurers, seven are women of color. Of those seven, six are Latinas. And only one of those six has been arrested (the one who worked under G. W. Bush).

I have also learned I am easily entertained. Here are some random pictures for this random article.

If that didn’t fulfill your craving for 90’s JT nostalgia, there’s more where that came from.


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