Study suggests women more charitable than men

Via WSJ:

A new study, called Women Give 2010, from the Women’s Philanthropy Institute and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, found that women are more likely to give to charity than men.

The study looked at single men and single women to determine if there are gender differences on giving. The study also broke the groups into income quintiles, with the lowest earning $23,509 or less and the highest earning more than $103,000.

The study found that women were more likely to give in every income category. At the top quintile, 96% of women in the study were likely to give compared with 76% for men.

Women also tend to donate more dollars. In the top quintile, women said they planned to $1,910 an year (this was in 2007, so the numbers may have come down since then, given the recession). That is more than twice the amount planned by men of the same income group.

The study doesn’t offer any explanations for the differences, aside from describing women’s rising earning power and education levels. Are men and women wired differently when it comes to charity? Would the results still hold true for millionaires? These questions have yet to be studied.


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