Theoretically, this site’s based out of, but we’ve only ever recieved a handful of reader-generated submissions in this outlet, so it gets checked only once every couople of months. So you’re better off communicating with a specific administrator in the Comments.

We invite anyone and everyone to submit articles, opinions, works of art (poetry, fiction, photography) or any Marquette related news/underground info you’d like to share.  We will post these pieces as guest blogging submissions. We would love to hear student, staff, faculty, and community member voices.  Also, feel free to submit anonymously if you so choose.  Just get your voice heard!

Of course, as a necessary disclaimer, we reserve the right to reject or cut any submission.

We look forward to hearing from you!


2 Responses

  1. ooops. I dropped an S-bomb in my post. please feel free to delete that word if you find the rest of the post to be acceptable. I apologize.


  2. I like your site. I found it backtracking one of my blog posts from I also have another blog at

    I would be interested in exchanging links, if you’d like. Let me know.
    Deb Adler
    aka “MsQueer”

    p.s. – You can learn more about me at Peace.

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