He who strives to conquer hatred with love, fights his battle in joy and confidence; he withstands many as easily as one, and has very little need of fortune’s aid. Those whom he vanquishes yield joyfully, not through failure, but through increase in their powers; all these consequences follow so plainly from the mere definitions of love and understanding…

-Spinoza, 1676, Ethic., IV, XLVI, note

Let’s cross visions.  Let’s engage in some real political dialogue. Let’s advance the debate and truly engage with the issues rather than simply picking sides.  (Humanity is not relegated to sides.)  This blog’s goal is to take on the challenge of using words to connect, progress, and enlighten.   Look forward to some quirky yet informative banter, global, national and campus news, thoughtful critiques, and some real engagement with the issues– brought to you by the feminist crew at Marquette University 🙂 

*As a side note, the inspiration for this blog’s title stems from the book Word Warriors: 35 women leaders in the spoken word revolution.  It’s a great collection of poetry and personal essays that weaves together diverse women voices in the spoken word scene today.  The feminist people of this blog particularly love the poems from Andrea Gibson, so check her out!


2 Responses

  1. Question for Feminist crew at Mu – as an alum and parent can you tell me if the “limo’s” have any notification in them telling women what to do if you’ve been sexually assaulted? What about notifications near security call buttons? I would appreciate it if you could let me know! Keep up the good work!

    • Katie:
      Sorry to take a while to respond; I’ve been busy, and hoping a reader would jump in. I left MU after May this year, and they didn’t have instructions for sexual assault victims either at call buttons or inside the limos.

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