We here at The Word Warrior are interested in having an open exchange of ideas, so feel free to submit your thoughts, ruminations, lamentations, treatises, artwork, recipes, links, money (cash preferred), pictures of cute little animals with ungrammatical alt-text, etc.  But please, do stay on topic.

 Feel free to disagree but please do not reduce your arguments to insults.  That only makes you look stupid.

As a rule of thumb, we’ll delete any purely incendiary attacks on persons (re: other commenters) or groups, and not their ideas. Big, blocky texts of “comments” clearly copy-pasted from your own blog will likewise be cut.   

We reserve the right to repost the texts of comments published and unpublished in posts.

WordPress only hosts “moderated commenting,” which means we have to approve your first comment here before it appears on the blog. We try to keep up, but it is not uncommon for submitted comments to wait a couple of hours before it is published. We apologize for any inconvenience, and assure you we’re not trying to censor you so long as you uphold the basic standards of decency outlined above.  

Before you start, I proffer one final suggestion: Even though the Internet is anonymous, it is grace to type only what you would say to the face of those who you address.  


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  1. Hi, I am trying to organise an LGBT event for my borough and would love to use your Stonewall image as an exhibition piece. Can you please let me know if that is possible, and if so, would you be able to send me the image in a high res format for me to then expand? Many thanks, Shabs

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